What Is Royalty Free?

Royalty-Free, a copyrighted digital file (music, video, photo, illustration, etc.) means that it is made available in certain conditions by granting a paid license in the online environment.

 Is Royalty Free Music For Free?

Royalty free does not mean that the digital file is free. It only grants the user the right to use the license for a certain period of time. These rights vary by type of license.

For example, if you share only on a social media account such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, you will use another license, broadcast, radio, TV, film, such as the license to use in Productions is different.

License fees vary depending on the area of use, purpose, and duration.

Royalty Free Music License

When you purchase a license, you only lease the license rights. For example

Royalty Free music purchased may not be sold, modified or used on any other Royalty Freewebsite other than the content of the license.

License types and content vary depending on the stock website you purchased. But in terms of giving insight, it has the following types in general;

– Standart Licence:

– Music Broadcast (1 million) 

– Music Broadcast (10 million)

– Music and Film Broadcast

It is the ‘standard licence that concerns people more within these licenses. You can freely use the purchased stock music or video with this license like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms.

Since licenses are subject to different conditions according to stock websites, you can get the best information from the royalty free stock website that you intend to purchase when you decide to purchase a license.


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