Preparing Video For YouTube

Video for Youtube

Today, there are millions of YouTube channels and viewers. And the view count of a video is influenced by every detail, from content to postproduction. YouTube and viewers want to see quality content along with a well-crafted video.

You probably want the video you watch, to get the information, you need, to meet some of your expectations like; quality content, high definition image, good sound, and music, etc.

This situation refers to the points that people who want to make videos for Youtube should be careful.

However, there is no need to worry, because nowadays, no more expensive equipment is required to produce a professional video. Let’s take a look at what we can do;



1 – Content of the Video?

The most important and the first factor in determining the quality of a good YouTube video is content. Before making a video, it is useful to ask the following question about the content considered; Will this content beneficial for people? Time is precious for everyone and people want to gain something when they spend time watching a YouTube video.

If any content issues are handled too superficially in the video, or if it is only intended to make a video for the sake of making a video, it may bore the viewer and cause the video to be closed without watching.

For this reason, it may be advisable to select the content on a subject that you know well and to conduct enough research on that subject before filming.

Quality content is very important in acquiring loyal viewers. After quality content, the first step to be considered is the shooting process.

2 – Camera

The cameras of the smartphones now allow you to shoot really good quality videos. Having a high definition camera is sometimes an advantage but sometimes it is not.

Even though the images are of good quality, there can be poor results if adequate care is not taken. For this reason, if you are going to make videos continuously you need a video camera, even if it is not very professional, to create a better effect.

If suitable conditions are provided, very good quality images can be obtained with the phone cameras but using a video camera would be technically advantageous.

3 – Tripod

It can be one of the key details in a video. A continuously shaking, unstable, flickering image should not be in a quality video.

Stabilizing the image makes the video smoother and more understandable for the viewer. A tripod should be used even when shooting with a mobile phone. The gimbal can be used if a moving image is taken.

The use of a tripod and gimbal are very helpful tools to make the video look good. Attention should be paid to what is happening in the frame fixed with a tripod.

4 – Background

Background plays a major role in focusing the audience on the video or topic without distracting them. Something that moves constantly, a sloppy or messy room, a remarkable object (if not used specifically), etc. may distract the viewer from the subject or video.

Designing the background before the video prevents bad surprises during video editing. An unwanted background object, which has escaped from attention after the end of the entire shot, may cause you to want to re-shoot the entire video.

5 – Light

The subject of light may not be a problem if video shooting is performed during the day. Daylight is very useful for good quality shots.

However, for those who have the chance to shoot in the evening, light is an issue to be considered. A dark or light burst video does not create a good experience for the viewer.

Especially in the case of videos taken with a mobile phone camera, the quality of the image is poorly reduced, and this significantly affects the watchability of the video.

With inexpensive light equipment and a few technical details, it is easy to shoot in the evening. With a good light design, maximum efficiency can be achieved from the camera, which directly affects the quality of the video.



6 – Sound and Music

Depending on the nature of the captured video, the sound effects and music to be used may vary greatly. Some videos may not require this at all, but even if music and sound effects are not going to be used, it is highly recommended to use a microphone if a speech or ambient sound is to be found in the video.

An easy-to-use lavalier microphone allows the speaker’s voice to be transferred to video very well and this can play an important role in communicating with the viewers.

With simple software, sounds can be edited and added to the video. Especially when shooting a video with a phone camera, the sound quality is greatly reduced as the people or things moves away from the sound source and this affects the video.

With voice recorders, this problem can be solved simply. However, music usage can vary depending on the content, concept and many factors of the video created.

It can be used as a secret key to communicate with the viewer. It is certainly a factor to consider. You can compensate your music needs for your video from royalty-free music (what is royalty free?) websites or a stock music website, such as

7 – Appearance

It is another important factor that the people in the video must look good to the viewer. Even if everything is perfect, a worn-out t-shirt, messy or dirty hair, etc. can reduce the viewer’s motivation to watch.

Shooting a Youtube video is not so far from being physically in front of millions of people. Viewers deserve a good look and they want to feel respected.

8 – Planning

Planning before filming both simplifies the work and allows what kind of an intended effect to be left on the viewer. If there is a speech in the video, it may be very useful to prepare the speech text in advance and rehearse.

This can save time in shooting as well as eliminate unnecessary pronunciation and diction problems. Preparing a plan allows the images to be edited exactly they were supposed to be edited in the video editing stage.

It also makes it easier to montage part of the video editing.

9 – Video Editing

One of the most important parts and the last step of the video before reaching the viewer. Every visual and audial effect, to strengthen the effect desired to be given to the audience, is designed at this stage.

Music, sound effects texts and visual effects are added at this stage to the video (music for video). You can use for video editing iMovie, Adobe Premiere etc. Video editing is a very detailed process and should be considered as a separate subject.

Yet, people who create serial videos but do not have video editing experience can adjust basic parameters right for their videos and it would be enough.

10 – Cover Preparation

After the video editing job is finished, the video is almost ready to be published. However, another recommended detail is the addition of a cover picture. A pre-made cover helps a video and the entire channel to look more professional.

It can help viewers find what they are looking for in the channel and increase the likelihood of viewing.