Can I use the copyright free music I download through Wavecont on social media sites ?

– Yeah. Music downloaded via Wavecont is available on all social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. ) and can be used on all other internet platforms. But it can’t be saved to the Facebook Rights Manager service, as it could cause problems for other users to use Wavecont music.

Can I use the royalty-free music I downloaded from wavecont for commercial projects ?

Yeah. all music downloaded through it can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects. It can be used, for example, in a money-earned YouTube video or in a television commercial (referring to Wavecont, and

How can I give credit to Wavecont ?

You can refer to the project in which it is used or by specifying it in the description section. Example of credits: (Music by Wavecont,

Can Wavecont music be used for Film projects ?

-Yeah. Music can be used in all film and video projects, whether commercial or non-commercial. (Referring to wavecont, and

Can I use music in projects like podcasts, audiobooks etc ?

– Yeah, but music alone should not create the primary value of the project. The piece of music should not be used as it is alone. Apart from the music itself, it should include effects, speeches, and original elements that make the project different.

Can Music be used as an audio logo ?

Yeah. It is necessary to know that the logo used may also be used by others and that trademark or service mark rights may not be claimed in the audio content.

Is there a time limit on the use of music ?

– Nope. You can use the copyright free music you downloaded from Wavecont forever.

What to do if you get a copyright notice on YouTube ?

You can contact the contact section to obtain the necessary documents.

Can I change Wavecont's music ?

– Yeah. Cutting, trimming, extension etc. according to the project’s requirements. operations can be done. New versions and remixes can be made, as long as the music itself is not sold and references to its original state are made.

Under what circumstances can Wavecont's music not be used ?

Music from Wavecont site cannot be used in any illegal project. Music cannot be used in any project that involves violence, incitement to violence, fake news, pornography, discrimination or racism.

What is the file format for Wavecont music ? the file formats of copyright free music published in are mostly .wav is (16 bit 44.1 kHz).

Is there a mass restriction on commercial project use ?

No. All projects have unlimited representation rights.

How often is new music added ?

– Wavecont is a project directed by a single person and all the music it contains belongs to a single person. New music is added over time, though not at very frequent intervals. You can subscribe to the email newsletter to be notified when new music is added.

For further questions please feel free to contact.