Before Starting (Create a YouTube Channel)

A YouTube channel is also a digital publishing platform representing a brand. It needs to be designed and managed according to what audience it is addressed to. The perception left in visitors and making them feel valued by themselves is critical to a YouTube channel.



1. Creating a Brand for YouTube

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The design and appearance of the channel is always an issue to be studied. Channels that do not have an impressive design are difficult to spot by potential viewers.

This can affect the number of subscribers and cause users to not subscribe or unsubscribe.

A start-up branding operation with low budgets will greatly benefit the channel.

2. First Video

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It is the first video to introduce a YouTube channel to its visitors. Introducing the content and the channel, finding information about what will be available to the viewer in the future may be good for the first video. If this video is liked, visitors are more likely to click on other videos on the channel.

The first impression is important and the painstaking preparation of the first video (Video for Youtube) can be critical to a good start.

3. YouTube SEO

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Using correct grammar is another important factor that distinguishes good videos from bad videos.

If a video is part of a series, a layout for the title and descriptions can be created.

Example: We’re in Tokyo: We Tried All the Sushi! Episodes: 3

Also, special comments can be added to the ‘Default’ section of YouTube settings. In this way, a basic text is obtained for the explanations in each installation.

This part of the description shows the series professional and organized. Makes it easier for visitors to access videos. YouTube is useful for SEO.

Example description: We visited all the sushi shops in Tokyo! There’s almost no restaurant you haven’t tried, and we had a lot of fun!

Google’s’ Keyword Planner ” suggests many different keywords that are relevant when you enter a keyword that is relevant to the content.

This is a great way to increase the awareness of videos and improve SEO. There are many other important web sites where Keyword research can be done.

A wide variety of keywords can be obtained with good research.

SEO is a science and contains many details.

Continuous research and development must be done in order to use it effectively. Only general references are mentioned in this title.

4. Social Media

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Social media accounts must be found if they are meant to interact with viewers.

Social media accounts are important to ask visitors questions, get their ideas and learn their expectations through the channel.

Probably no one will want to subscribe to a channel that doesn’t care about its visitors. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. the accounts are supportive of his YouTube channel.


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YouTube is a search engine and its functioning is like a standard search engine. The way the algorithm works is related to the way Featured Content is presented and how it reaches audiences.

The title, tag and description sections should be unique within YouTube as well as engaging.

In addition, the fact that the video is old, the number of likes of the video, the number of subscribers of the channel it was uploaded to, is also determining the prominence and availability of the video.

This is what makes the difference between watching 100 of the same two videos on one channel and 100k on the other channel.

In this article, the general issues that need to be known before opening a Youtube channel are addressed superficially and can be updated later.

There are so many parameters to creating and running a YouTube channel, and getting some basic things done is absolutely important for the future of the channel.

The constant change and development of the internet and YouTube creates new issues to follow. If everything is good, there is no reason not to be successful.